quinta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2014

The Best Of 2013

Hello my dears, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Today it's the first day of 2014, wich means that there are new opportunities, new memories, new people and much more. I hope you all have a great year :)
So today i'm here with some of my best moments of 2013, lets get into it...

The first thing was in January when I received a reply to a letter that me and my friend sent to Krist Novoselic one of thr members of Nirvana and he signed up some things that we sent him.

And then in February I turned 18, sadly i couldnt go out with my friend to celebrate it because i was really sick with otitis and laryngitis... so I stayed in home with my family

The next thing was the Prom, of course, i had an amazing time with my friends

The moment when I finaly ended high school, after a loooot of hard work to finish my big final project

And next started the amazing summer holidays (forever), and the first thing that i've done was to go camping, for the first time, with my friends and i really liked it 

the days I went to the beach with friends

In August I went to the first time to an equestrian center and I loved it and I havent leave it since (excuse my stupid face)

Then in October I started my new school 

And finaly in November was the National Horse Fair where I spent some days 

And this is it, it's the best of 2013 there is not everything on here, of course, I loved every moment with my friends and family, it was such a great year and I learned a lot and I feel that I grow up a little inside.
Thanks for everything and every moment, ily all Y

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