segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

What I've Done All My Summer - Horse Ridding

Hii beautifuls, I know that's a little late but I feel that I have to explain myself for not writting almost all summer. So this summer my started a little bit later for me because of my school project (that went really well, in my opinion). 
At the beginning I didnt know what i would do all summer, the first two weeks I spent most of the days in the pool and going to the beach with my friends, going shopping and stuff like that, and then, my cousin invited me to go with her to this equestrian center where she spent all day doing stuff like, clean the horses, clean the barn, shower the horses, ridding and much more. 
I have to admit, at the first time I wasnt that excited to go there, and spent all my day there, and even knowing that I was afraid of the horses. Ahahah, it was so much fun, i wasnt over the fear of the horses but I take the risk so that day I had my first lesson, the very beginning of all of this passion.
Since that day I spent all my weeks of summer there, helping the people and learning how to ride and even making a lot of new friends. And now i'm no more afraid of horses (i mean, it depends of the horses, ahah) and i'm learning even more and it's turning into a passion for me.
It was the best thing ever, and I'm so thankfull that my cousin shared with me all of the equestrian world, and even without her here, in the same country as me, my new friends are teaching me a lot of new things about horses and all of that.
I'm really happy :)

And that's everything i've done all summer and I keep doing once a week, I hope you enjoyed
ly all, byee 

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