domingo, 9 de junho de 2013

The Liebster Award

Hello, hello my beautiful readers today I was informed that I was on the list of Fashion and Life's liebster award. I'm really thankfull for that and happy :D

1. Each nominee must answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers to pass the award onto.
3.Then come up with 11 questions that they will answer
4. Go to their page and tell them that you have nominated them
5. No tag backs 


1- H&M or Zara?
Zara for sure

2- Why did you started your blog?
I started this blog because i'm starting to get really interested on fashion and makeup itens and i want to share that with more people and make them interested on them too and I already have and youtube channel and I thought it would be great to join both of the social media.

3- Are you a social media addicted?
I really am, ahah

4- Tell 3 beauty products you can't live without.
Face cream, mascara and eye liner

5- Would you like to have a blog with another theme? What theme?
I think if I wanted to do something different I didnt need to start another blog because this blog shows a lot of diferent things, beauty, fashion, random days in my life, reviews, DIY, etc.

6- Favourite beauty guru?
MacBarbie07 for eveeer

7- Who's your fashion icon?
I really like Miley Cyrus style and Cara Delevingne but I dont try to dress like them, I keep my own way to dress

8- Are you a trend's follower or you like to keep your own style?
I like to follow the trends but always add my own style in a acessorie or detail

9- What's your biggest goal in life?
My biggest goal in life it's to be sucessefull in something, I want to be good in my job, I really want to be a makeup artist

10- What's your favourite brand?
My favourite brand is Pull&Bear

11- Do you prefer "comfort" or "fashion"?
I prefer comfort but with fashion, when you can be confortable and be using a really cool fashion item and you still be fashion.

Bloggers who I tag:

My Questioooons:
1- Why do you decided to start your blog?
2- Did you told to someone about your blog when you start it ?
3- What do you like more to post about?
4- What is your top 5 brand for clothes?
5- What is your top 5 brand for makeup ?
6- What do you want to be in the future ?
7- How many times a week do you post new messages ?
8- What is you biggest dream ? Will you fight for it ?
9- Can you live without your computer ?
10- What inspires you to keep your blog always updated ?

Thank you Carina for this award, I love you and I hope that the people I tagged love it too 

kisses, rita <3

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  1. Congratulation, Hi... you have a wonderful blog and style, do you want to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN? if you decided to follow me, please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you xoxo