quarta-feira, 29 de maio de 2013

Inspired Outfit #1 - Miley Ray Cyrus

Hello beautiful people, today I have a diferent post from the others that I've done before. This is an inspired oufit of a celeb and in this case Miley Ray Cyrus. 

So her style is one of the styles that you love or hate. In my case I really like her style, I think she is diferent, 'crazy' and adventuress and her style shows the person that she is funny, modern and she is never afraid to take risks.


 In all of the photos above we can see that Miley likes to rock this amazing style, rock/ chiq, she really likes to play with crop tops and long and slim skirts, which totaly matches her personality.
So here it is the inspired oufit, I can totaly imagine Miley rocking this outfit, I think this is the perfect outfit for a casual day but still dressy, so you can use it to hang out with your friends, go to the club, whatever you think it's perfect for.

miley cyrus inspired

Always remember guys, dress the way you like, you can be inspired on someones look but you can always add a piece of your personal style, you can wear it without break your own style.
This is it, I hope you like, if you have any suggestions leave a comment telling me what celeb you would like to see an inspired oufit ^^

kisses, rita <3

3 comentários:

  1. Ela tem looks muito win, mas tambem tem looks muito fail... Mas sim, gosto do facto de ser diferente :)
    Evilyn Vondrack, from Vanity Street and Vondrack Vanity Store

    1. eu adoro o estilo dela, e concordo totalmente contigo, tal como qualquer pessoa ela tb falha as vezes :p

  2. Adoreeei rita :3
    Nomeei-te para o Liebster Award, está no meu blog.
    Alguma coisa podes perguntar, Beijinhos :*