quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2013

My Last Obsession - Jelly Sandals

Hi beautifuls, so today i'm here to talk about my obsession/ passion with JELLY SANDALS

I dont know I really like them, not everybody likes it, but I think that they are cute and cozy and it reminds me of my childhood, the day's that I was going to the beach with all my family.
I really want to buy a black ones but i also like the transparent ones with glitter I think they are perfect for the summer, for the hotttt days to go to the beach, to the pool or just hang out with friends.


I just need them, ahahah.
The more 'affordable' ones that I have found so far was the ones from Pull&Bear (you can see them here). if you know where else we can find them leave on the comments and I can add it to this post, I can do like a list of stores that have them :)
What about you? Do you like them? Comment and share ^^
kisses, rita <3

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