domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

Eau Thermale Avène - Hydrance Optimale - UV Light

Hiiii gorgeous people, how was your weekend? I hope everything was just fine :)
So today I have a review for you.

Here it is, Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale UV Légère-Light. I use this every single day, I cant go out of my house without putting this on my face, this helps my skin a loooot, when it's dry I put this at the morning and during all day my skin is hydrated and really soft, it also protects my skin from the UV light which is good and like so, i use this all year, and it's perfect for all seasons. 

Like it's write on the package the result it's immediate and intense and long lasting, this cream like the others it's not just for our face but it's for our neck too, it's a day cream formulated to hydrate and also to protect our skin from daily aggressions and help to prevent natural skin aging.
This one it's for normal skin but it also has for really dry and sensitive skin. You can buy this cream in a farmacy and I think it is really affordable because this cream last for like 8 months. I think the price was something around 20 euros, I'm not really sure.

What is your day cream? Would you like to try this one?

kisses, rita

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