terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013

How to style floral print

Hi everyone, so today i'm here with some cool ideas to style floral print. This here the
floral print is really on and we can see it everywhere, the stores have
floral in shirts, tops, skirts, jeans, everything floral, its insane.
So this first set, it's for a hot day to go out with your friends, go shopping or just go
to the beach.

floral top

This second set, it's more festive, the shirt and the shoes make this outfit more elegant and the shorts and the bag are the confortable side, they are casual but they fit perfectly with the rest.

floral shorts

On this third set, it's really cozy but girly, I think this is a good outfit for a day with the family, to visit someone, go in a trip or just to hang out with friends, go eat an ice cream or go to the cinema.

floral dress

This last outfit, it's really casual, this is a good outfit to stay around the house, visit a friend and be really cozy and simple. I think this outfit its perfect for the days that we dont even want to take off our pijama, the beanie  will save us time because we dont have to do nothing special with the hair and the shirt will give some 'life' to our outfit.

floral sweater

So that's it, I hope you like it,
kisses, rita

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  1. Minha querida,
    Em primeiro lugar gostaria de agradecer a visita ao meu blog, também retribuo a gentileza e estou realmente encantada com o teu. Sou tua seguidora sim e acho que nos vamos dar muito bem!!!