sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Books that I recommend #1

The Perks Of Being Wallflower
by Stephen Chbosky

Hi everyone, so I have never liked to read but one month ago I decided to buy a book to read. I searched for some good books, asked people on tumblr to give me their top 5 books, and everyone talked about this one, The Perks Of Being Wallflower.
OMG, I LOVED IT, I dont regret anything. This book made me start to read more and more.
The book is really good, the way that the autor write the book is really simple and easy to read, even to me (i'm portuguese) it was really easy. I think everyone should read it!
The book is about this boy, Charlie, who writes letters to this person, about his life, he tells how he feels, what happens and how he see the others and himself. Charlie never lived his life too much, he liked to keep discrete but when he started high school he realized that he had to start to live it, he makes two good friends Sam and Patrick who intruduced him to the world. You have to read it because I cant even explain the book. The only thing I say to you is, READ IT, you wont regret, this book will make you think in your life and in who you are!

What about you? have you read it? What do you rhink about it?
kisses, rita ^^

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